About SensorLab

The University of the Western Cape (UWC) Sensor Laboratories (SensorLab) which was founded in 2002, is a state-of-the-art electrochemistry and electroanalytical chemistry research centre that occupies the 4th floor of the Chemical Sciences Building at UWC.

SensorLab consists of 11 laboratories: Environmental Electroanalytical Lab, Chromatography Lab, DNA/Enzyme Biosensor Lab, Electrochemical Microscopy Lab, Electrochemical Spectroscopy Lab, Energy Lab, Graphene Lab, Immunosensor Lab, Polymer Lab, SensorChip Lab and Purex/Synthesis Lab. These laboratories are well equipped and provide researchers facilities and competences in the areas of electrochemical energy (battery, supercapacitor and solar cell), electrochemical sensor (aptasensor, biosensors and immunosensor), electrochemiluminescence and materials electrochemistry.

The centre has intensive research activities in electroanalytical sensors/biosensors for disease diagnostics and contaminants sensing and signalling in clinical, food and environmental samples. The research centre hosts two Department of Science and Innovation (DSI)/National Research Foundation (NRF) South African Research Chair Initiative (SARChI) Chairs: (i) DSI/NRF SARChI Chair for NanoElectrochemistry and Sensor Technology (NEST), and (ii) NRF/Nedbank SARChI Chair in Analytical Systems and Processes for Emerging and Priority Contaminants (ASPEC).